What are the requirements for WPMDb?

WPMDb is a WordPress plugin, so it may be used on a self-hosted WordPress site. (Plugins can not be used on wordpress.com blogs).
In short, the basic requirements for you to start using WPMDb are:

  • Your own hosting and domain.
  • A (preferably fresh) installation of WordPress 3.4.2 or greater.

Technical requirements for hosting are the same as WordPress requirements:

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater
  • (Optional) Apache mod_rewrite module (for clean URIs known as Permalinks)

If you do not have hosting yet, we recommend signing up to Hostgator which offers a quality hosting service with every requirements to run a WordPress site. You can sign-up to Hostgator’s baby plan for only $0.01 ($9.94 OFF) for the first month using the following coupon code: WPMDBGATOR.

WordPress is a free software and can be installed with one click from your hosting cPanel using Fantastico or a similar software that your hosting provider may have made available to you.
WordPress can also be downloaded for free from WordPress.org

Do I need advanced skills to use WPMDb?

Not at all !

WPMDb is very easy and straight-forward to install and setup. If you have already used WordPress, then you already have all necessary skills to successfully run a movie site powered by WPMDb.

Basic HTML/CSS skills may be useful for advanced template customization, but these are not mandatory!

What if I have a hard time making it work?

Should you require assistance or support, simply open a support ticket and we will make sure to get you sorted as soon as possible!

Do you offer any guarantee?

Yes we do.

You can test WPMDb risk free for two weeks.

In the very unlikely case you are not fully satisfied with WPMDb, you may request a no-question-asked full refund within 14 days of your purchase by simply opening a support ticket.

Does WPMDb include streaming or download links for movies ?

No, it doesn’t.

With WPMDb, your site will include movie information, poster, screenshots and embeded trailer like a regular movie information database. Streaming and download links or linking to streaming feed or download links is illegal in many countries and a violation of international copyrights laws.

The WPMDb team does not support nor encourage this and the WPMDb plugin and the WPMDb API themselves do not include such features.

I recently moved my site to a new domain, do I have to buy a new license?

If you have stopped using WPMDb on the previous domain and want to move it to the new one, simply open a support ticket and we will transfer your license.

Can I make money by promoting WPMDb?

Of course you can!

Simply sign up as an affiliate and you will earn 60% commission on every referred sales. Visitor you send our way do not have to buy right away for you to earn a commission. We will store IP adresses and cookies for all visitors you refer for up to 30 days and award you a commission if they buy during this period.

Affiliate commission are paid every two weeks by Paypal for the previous period. (i.e. Commissions from sales between November the 1st and November the 15th will be paid on November 30th.)

Did not find the answer you were looking for?

We will be happy to answer any other question. Feel free to open a support ticket to ask anything and we will answer promptly.