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The most powerful movie plugin

With WPMDb, you are only a few clicks away from creating your own powerful wordpress based movie database. WPMDb will automatically create posts including movie posters, screenshots, trailer and all other movie information!

Fully automated
Updated daily with latest movies

With the powerful queue feature, you can input your own list of movies to publish, or generate a list of hundreds of movies at the click of a button by simply choosing your prefered genres and years. When WPMDb is done processing the queue, it will automatically refill it with a list of newly released movies, so your database will continue to grow on autopilot !

Works with any theme
Fully customizable template

WPMDb is not limited to one specific theme. You can use any WordPress theme to give your movie database an unique look! Additionally, all movie posts are formatted according to a fully editable master template. This powerful feature allows unlimited customizations and any additional links, content, or even gateway that you would like to add.


Kickstart Your Site

Populate your site by automatically adding thousands of titles with a few clicks, simply check the movie genres of your choice and a date range and let WPMDb populate your site automatically!
If would rather get the very latest movies, simply grab a list of movies that are in theater right now!
Most advanced users who want maximum control over their site can also simply input their own custom list of movie titles, WPMDb will do the rest to add them to their site.

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Fully Automated

Drip feed content to your site by letting WPMDb add movies on an automated schedule, from 1 minute to 12 hours.
Once the queue has been fully processed, WPMDb will automatically check for newly released movie, so your site will continue to update on autopilot!

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Full Template Control

Each movie posted on your site will be displayed according to a master template which you can fully customize as you see fit with simple shortcodes and any custom HTML or Javascript. Any change made to the master template will be immediately reflected on every movie post across your site.
Advanced users who want to create dynamic links passing the movie title as an argument for deeper integration with third party systems will find a shortcode meant for this.
This powerful features allows endless possibilities of customization and monetization!

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Amazon Associates Integration

WPMDb comes with built-in functionalities for Amazon Associate integration. Simply enter your affiliate ID and WPMDb will automatically create links to relevant DVDs and Blue-Ray, as well as Amazon Instant Video in every movie posts!

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Automatic Trailers Embeds

Every movie posted on your site automatically contains an embeded trailer retrieved amongst the most deserving and accurate (mostly HD) trailers from Youtube!

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Google Rich Snippets

Movie information fetched to create post on your site include user votes and rating.
These ratings will automatically be turned into a Google Rich 5-stars-rating Snippet that will show in google SERPs for increased visibility!

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Unlimited Themes

WPMDb is not bundled with pre-made themes. “WHAT!?”
Actually WPMDb is not theme dependent, so unlike every other movie site scripts or plugins, it will work with ANY WordPress theme.
Be it a free or premium theme, you are totally free to use any theme of your choice to make your site completely unique!

Image: Premium themes from Themeforest

New Features & Daily Updates

The API server currently contains information for more than 42’000 movies and is updated daily with new movies as soon as they are released in theater, allowing your site to always stay up to date with the newest movies.
With your license to use WPMDb, you also get automatic updates for the plugin as soon as they are released, totally free of charge!
Any additional feature request or suggestion will be taken into serious consideration to be added in the next updates.

Ongoing Support

Did something go wrong on your site or can you just not figure out how something is supposed to work?
Simply use our ticket system to ask for support and we will help you get up and running as soon as possible!

Demo Site

To preview what WPMDb can do right out of the box with a few different WP Themes, check out our WPMDb demo site!


I’ve been using WPMDB as a beta tester for a few weeks now and it is THE BEST plugin to run a movie site. Period!

I’ve used quite a few plugins to run automated plugins but none of them is FULLY AUTOMATED in true sense.
WPMDB is the only one that works and is truly automated.

Just populate the queue with 2 clicks, and sit back while it auto updates your site with beautiful pictures, trailer videos and movie details.

The built in star rating feature is just awesome. It boosts your site’s CTR in SERPs like nothing does.

All in all, I love the plugin and the kind of support it comes with. So far, all my queries/skype messages have been answered within minutes.

All the best Zak… this is a killer product!

– bk071 ( Jr. VIP)

I had a chance to test Zak’s WPMDb since I was among the lucky beta testers of his movie plugin. I’m a fellow coder and had thought of getting my feet wet in this area for quite a while, but never really found the time to automate it myself due to a sleeve of other projects I was working on, you know how it goes… But one thing is sure: I had a clear idea of how and what such a software should do.

I have to say that Zak’s plugin is exactly as good and polished as you can imagine, exceeding my expectations on a number of levels. After installing your wordpress blog, it’s trivial even for someone without any previous WP experience to use WPMDb. It will be ready to rock as soon as you upload and activate it. No fuzzy configuration files of manual fiddling. From the very clean backend you’ll be able to choose the movies you want and/or set a number of parameters in order to achieve a true set-and-forget configuration according to the schedule you like. Pretty much what you would do manually in this niche, but, well, on autopilot.

Should you want or need to customize the post that’s gonna be published you’ll be able to change each and every aspect of it in line with the proven flexibility of wordpress the vast majority of marketers are already used to. In other words, it’s a very well thought and coded plugin doing exactly what it says on the can, super easy to use and flexible enough to be set the way YOU want it to work. Two thumbs up.

– Sirgold ( Jr. VIP)

I am using Zak’s plugin since its in early beta and I must say it’s the most advanced and easy to use movie database plugin. Main thing it’s a WordPress plugin so I am free to tweak WP. No tech knowledge is required to use his plugin. Setup and activation time is less than 1 min. and in 5 min. you have awesome site running. This makes my sites stand out of crowd and makes its Google & user friendly. Also support of OP is great and if needed he provides 1 on 1 suport also.

– Mohit Mehta ( Jr. VIP)

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with WPMDb,
you may request a 100% no question asked refund within 14 days of purchase.
(But this won’t happen because we are confident WPMDb will absolutely blow your mind!)